About Terra Tech, Inc. Directional Drilling

Over 15 years experience in Horizontal Directional Drilling for both home and commercial

Terra Tech Inc. is a privately held company founded in 2012 by two brothers with more than 15 years of experience in directional drilling/horizontal drilling sector for both commercial and residential customers. Our company offers diversified Utility Installation (or H.D.D. or Horizontal Directional Drilling) services and critical expertise in the field unmatched by any contractor in the country. We specialize in installing underground pipelines (whether it be gas/water/sewer), electric conduit and optical fiber cables via a prescribed bore path by using a surface-launched drilling rig, with minimal impact on the surface and surrounding area without any disturbance to natural habitats.

Tools utilized in achieving high performance in the field include Vermeer directional drills D16x20, D24x40, D33x44 and larger dirt tools and rock tools, including all-terrain machinery and air hammers. Our tools are designed for outstanding performance under severe drilling conditions including extreme temperatures, pressure, well depth, drilling shock and vibrations, while minimizing the inherent risks involved with drilling horizontal, meeting the geological objectives, and respecting the legal regulations. We have experience in all types of soils, including solid rock and fractured formations, and we have the capability to perform directional drilling work in environmentally sensitive areas, heavily congested areas, cross country areas, railroads, major river crossings, roadways, and remote locations.

Although headquartered in Georgia, Terra Tech Inc.’s drilling operations are executed in various land based field nationwide locations. We own, operate, and maintain a network of authorized partnerships, including government contracts and projects. We are known for our great service, excellent customer support, and affordable prices and we believe that exceptional service, from initial contact through completion of the project, builds long lasting relationships based on dependability and highest level of quality products with fast turnaround. We look forward to discussing any potential horizontal directional drilling projects your company may require.

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